Woida, Lorentzen & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1997 with the goal of providing quality, cost effective medical case management services in a prompt and efficient manner.  This is a standard that we continually strive to meet with every referral we receive.

Our company philosophy is embodied by a forthright, ethical and fair minded approach to the case management process.  We seek to provide assistance to injured individuals in a manner that assures the best possible opportunity to tap into appropriate resources to speed and maximize recovery from injury.  At the same time, we recognize our inherent responsibility to provide case management services in a time efficient and cost effective manner.  Ethical conduct, professionalism, open communication and rapport are key ingredients that serve as a foundation and guide for delivery of services.

Our prime objective is to ensure that all parties involved in the rehabilitation and recovery process are properly equipped with information and knowledge to allow for informed, appropriate and timely decision making so that critical resources are made available to the injured individual at a time when those resources and services are most desperately needed.