Home and/or vehicle modification is often necessary following a severe injury or disability.  These modifications can vary greatly, depending on an individual's abilities.  

We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate each situation to determine the extent of any modifications that may be necessary and will monitor the project to facilitate a quality, timely completion.

Accessibility and Accommodation Options:

  • Ramps / Decks / Handrails
  • Doorway Revision for Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Bathroom / Kitchen / Bedroom Accommodations
  • Garage Access
  • Stairway / Incline Platform Lifts
  • Transfer Devices
  • Environmental Control Units

Components to Enhance Vehicle Access:

  • Driving Controls
  • Wheelchair Lockdown Systems
  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Drop Floor / Raised Roof
  • Wheelchair / Scooter Lifts
  • Keyless / Remote Entry