Case management services consist of the coordination, organizing, and monitoring of services required to meet the needs of an injured individual. When effectively performed this service will assure that quality, cost effective care is provided and communication between the injured individual, insurance carrier, and all medical providers is maintained.

We tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients. The extent of service can range from full case management to limited, specific functions such as:

  • Admission / Discharge Coordination   
  • One-Time Medical Assessments           
  • Coordinate DME and Transportation Needs  
  • Coordinate Physician and Therapy Referrals
  • Medical Records Review / Analysis
  • Disability Cost Analysis

Indicators for Case Management

Listed below is a partial list of indications that case management may be beneficial.  Contact us with your specific questions to see how we can help.

  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Multiple trauma, especially with upper/lower extremity fracture
  • Anticipated need for DME/home care transportation
  • Referral to sub-acute or rehab facility expected
  • Drastic change in stated diagnosis or prognosis
  • Lack of progress after frequent and continued family doctor visits with no referral to specialist
  • Lack of medical records to substantiate relatedness to injury
  • Back/neck injury not improving after 60 days
  • Persistent/excessive pain complaints
  • Psychological or emotional problems
  • Multiple diagnoses unrelated to injury
  • Extensive diagnostic testing with no specific or clear diagnosis
  • Frequently missed appointments
  • Treating physician known to delay or prolong treatment and return to work
  • Evidence of "doctor shopping"
  • Recommendation for pain clinic referral
  • Excessive use of medications
  • Eye injury with 50% or more loss of vision
  • Surgery planned with no objective findings
  • Narcotic pain medications from multiple pharmacies
  • Extended disability with "guarded" or "poor" prognosis